Alternative Gifts

Over the weekend I was like some kind of insane Amazon Prime machine. But after ticking off my main list of gifts, I always have a second little shudder of panic as I remember all of my “tier 2” gifts, like things for teachers and neighbors and extra items that I want to recommend that … [Read more…]

Holiday Overload

I am not on top of this holiday season. Wait, do I say this every year? I don’t think I’m usually this far below my own expectations. And here’s the thing: I’ve lowered my expectations. Like, significantly. In years past, I’ve organized a neighborhood Christmas caroling party, I’ve hosted what I called Crafty Girl Parties, … [Read more…]

Roller Coaster Afternoon

Parenting the girls this afternoon was a bit of roller coaster. We’d had a busy weekend traveling and visiting family, and we arrived home a little after midnight last night. The girls powered through the school day, but things got a bit delicate after that. But they were awfully cute, too. Shortly after both girls … [Read more…]

More on Our Trip

We had a week of eating too much, baking with Grandpa, shopping with Grandma, and playing with cousins. The Fort of Awesomeness has been equipped with a heater and is now a year-round facility. Planning Christmas morning away from home is challenging. We ordered many items online and had them shipped directly to Grandma & … [Read more…]

Cute Craft to Measure that Snow

Look at this craft J brought home from her school party: It’s one of those paint stirrers that you can get for free at any home improvement store. Just paint it white and add a little felt or fabric hat, scarf, and nose. And measurements, of course. Speaking of scamming free craft materials out of … [Read more…]

More Holiday Crafts

  On Saturday I helped out with our annual Homemade Holidays program at church. Grown-ups made wreaths and there were plenty of simple-but fun crafts for everyone. Kids loved squeezing glitter paint onto glass balls. Glue and glitter made pinecones extra-special, and little circles of pipe cleaner made cute little stands. There were homemade beeswax … [Read more…]

Ringing in the Holidays

Okay, I’m officially in the holiday spirit. It was like a flip that was switched today. At the grocery store, actually. I walked into produce and Christmas carols were playing and I almost rolled my eyes, but I was appeased by a sale on pomegranates. I love pomegranates. Then I was waiting at the deli … [Read more…]

Elf Invasion

So, did I tell you that I got sucked into the whole Elf-on-a-Shelf thing? I know! You never thought it would happen to me, right? I mean, I refuse a single evening of leprechaun mayhem, and now I’m sucked into an advent calendar’s worth of cheeky poses by a plush figure. Sigh. Little J mentioned–repeatedly–that … [Read more…]