Homemade Wreaths

I had several moms from my moms’ group over to make homemade wreaths tonight. If you’ve never made your own wreath, you should give it a try. It’s not difficult, and it’s a very satisfying craft. The first scarf that you ever knit probably won’t look too terrific, but the very first wreath you ever make has a good chance of looking  absolutely beautiful.

Here’s a set of directions that’s similar to how I do mine. The only difference is that I use floral wire to wrap the bundles first, then more to wrap the bundles onto the frame. Plus I often use a hot glue gun to add the decorations, which is easier than wiring them. Anyway, here are two of my homemade wreaths:

This one’s got bits of holly, walnuts, and slices of oranges that I dried in the oven.

This is this year’s. It’s got  juniper along with the other greens. Actually, I took this picture, and I think that the flash made it look a little bit ghastly. It’s nicer in person.

When the season’s over I tear the pieces off so that I can reuse the frame, the bow, the ornaments, and some of the wire. So it’s pretty thrifty, too. Because you know that I’m cheap.


  1. Michelle

    If you’re planning on doing this again this year, I want in. I have TONS of extra tree bits that I’d like to try to make into a wreath. Seems like a fun project, but would probably work better under guidance!

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