Oscar Reactions

Cute W worked late last night, so we slacked off, skipped the bedtime stories (in spite of their schedule), and watched the red carpet arrivals for the Oscars instead.

This was the girls’ first encounter with the Oscars, and their questions and comments were pretty amusing.

I said that I thought Jennifer Hudson looked great in her dress, but M disgreed: “I don’t like the way the dress is. I just don’t like how you can see her boob cracks.” Well, yes. It’s a new term for me, but point taken.

J didn’t understand the whole award concept. While explaining, I said that each winner was going to get a statue that they call “Oscar” who looks like the gold one that people were posing near (Jennifer’s photo works to illustrate this one, too). “Ohhhh,” J breathed. “It’s going to be really hard for people to take them home.” I had to explain that they got smaller, trophy-sized guys.

We all oohed and ahhed over Anne Hathaway’s first dress, and the girls were excited because she was practically the only celebrity that they actually knew, since they’ve seen  The Princess Diaries. They were paying close attention to the tv chatter, and when they heard that she was hosting the evening, one of the girls asked, “You mean she owns that whole place?”

Of course, I thought that the show started at 8 and it wasn’t until 8:30, and I’d already promised that they could watch the opening schpiel before heading to bed. By 8:45 pm I was mightily regretting that I’d let them watch any of it because it was so late, and my stress level combined with their overtiredness to create one extended crying jag. Or it would have been extended, if they hadn’t fallen asleep within five minutes of their heads hitting their respective pillows.  Funny: I’d promised them that after the opening act it was all completely boring, but then I sort of wondered if James Franco had heard me and was doing his best to prove me right. I thought that the most entertaining part was the Twilight bit at the end of that silly song.

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