My girls love to be tickled. I mean, they really love it. It is just about their favorite thing. I find it mystifying. I’m incredibly ticklish, and I hate-hate-hate to be tickled. I tend to flail in a wild and out of control manner, which can cause injuries. Come to think of it, I broke … [Read more…]

Miscellaneous Horrors

I went to a Board of Education meeting tonight, where I heard about the various budget cuts. They include a plan to combine 4th and 5th graders into one class, which will also increase class size from about 20 to about 27. Yowza.  Honestly, I think that a combination class might be good for M, … [Read more…]

My Girls Rock

I was catching up on my Google Reader and trying to think of what to blog about. First, an easy link: Albany Kid posted about Easter Egg Hunts already. Someone was just asking me if I’m going to update last year’s post, and that’s still my plan, soon-ish. But if you’re chomping at the bit, … [Read more…]

Mamas, Missiles, Milk

We’re headed to Vermont for the weekend to see family and hopefully ski. I am not ready at all. Cute W, however, has purchased a car-top storage thingy for the occasion. This is excellent, because we are a van-free family, so until this purchase we’ve been shoving skis into our small-ish wagon. Frankly, it’s uncomfortable … [Read more…]

Ignore Snow Forecasts; Think Pool!

I spent an inordinately long amount of time folding laundry tonight, so now I’m blogging when I should be sleeping instead. So I’m going to make it snappy. ‘Tis the season to start thinking swimming lessons if you have small, non-swimming-yet children. If your kids are extra little, getting them used to the idea of … [Read more…]

Learning Fair

After my recent stern lecture to winter, the snow on the first day of spring naturally led me to an extended metaphor. Why is Winter bullying into young Spring’s territory? Or, should I blame Spring? I mean, freakin’ assert yourself, don’t be a doormat! Winter’s not the boss of you! But luckily for you, gentle … [Read more…]

Orchids Aren’t Easy

The other day a friend came over for some chai and she chuckled at my pathetic orchid plant. My always-way-more-thoughtful-than-me sister* had brought the orchid along on my last visit, and it was quite beautiful. Was I intimidated, though? Yes. The orchid marketers tried to overcome my trepidation with a ginormous tag (still hanging) that … [Read more…]

Top o’ the Mornin’, etc.

As I was washing dinner dishes, M (who, after wavering, is not a believer at all anymore) said to me, “I hope the–ahem!–leprechauns come to our house tonight and make some sort of mischief like turning our toilet water green.” I sighed over the pan I was scrubbing. “I just don’t see that happening, M. … [Read more…]

Lazy Linking

I have to wake up early for a 7:30 am appointment, plus I’m just not feeling all bloggy tonight, so here are some random links that you might enjoy. I wrote about a bunch of old ads I found in my attic at All Over Albany. I think they’re pretty funny. Malta Mama reminds us … [Read more…]

Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

At dinner tonight, 3 out of 4 members of the family love-love-loved the main dish. Alas, J wouldn’t even taste a smidgen. Her loss. She ended up eating bread and butter and grapes for dinner. You can’t win them all. So, I had food on my mind, and then I manipulated M into eating asparagus … [Read more…]