More Summer Programs

First, the health report. J appears to have shaken her fever, although she’s not at her best. She took a huge nap this afternoon, so she’s currently lying in bed at 10:20 pm wide awake. I think that we’re going to do a modified schedule tomorrow, hopefully sleeping in, heading to school late, taking a … [Read more…]

Learning Fair

After my recent stern lecture to winter, the snow on the first day of spring naturally led me to an extended metaphor. Why is Winter bullying into young Spring’s territory? Or, should I blame Spring? I mean, freakin’ assert yourself, don’t be a doormat! Winter’s not the boss of you! But luckily for you, gentle … [Read more…]

Nursery School Shopping Season

If you think that nursery school or preschool is in your child’s future, you should know that January kicks off School Shopping Season. Generally, these programs are for kids who will be 3, 4, or a young 5 in September 2011. I remember going to a play date back when M was still two years … [Read more…]

Nursery School & Dancing

I suddenly realized that I have our Nursery School Family Dinner and a Grown-Ups’ Potluck Dinner this Saturday.  I hunted down a babysitter that I haven’t used in over a year (not a reflection on her:  we literally don’t get out much), and she miraculously said yes without hesitation.  The two events overlap by half … [Read more…]

Ssssshhhh. . . Library Secrets!

Okay, these aren’t really secrets.  Your local children’s librarian would be happy to tell you about the many programs that are offered, but when you get to the library, you’re too busy pulling books out of the toddler’s mouth or reminding an older child not to run or perhaps sneaking over to the adult shelves … [Read more…]