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So, I attempted to be useful while J was doing gymnastics today–both the girls are loving it, and the next session at World Class is  starting next week.  Incidentally, J’s little friend has decided to switch to dance and J said, “I’m a little sad that she is in retirement from gymnastics.  We are very old friends even if we’re not grown-ups.”  I don’t know where she converted this to a retirement thing, but I thought it was funny.  I promise that I won’t turn this blog into an “adorable things my adorable children say” blog.  Of course, I could put you on the email distribution list–ha, ha, ha!  I’m kidding, but also. . . it’s true.  Never mind.

Anyhoo (is this the sort of thing that one can say with tongue in cheek, like–hey, I’m acting like a dork,* but I know it, which reveals that I am not, actually, a dork?  thinking probably not), I took my fancy new Netbook to class, so I barely even watched the gymnastics today and not just because it kills me to watch my daughter stick her hand waaay up into her leotard to scratch her dupa, although it is painful.  No, there was a super-helpful couple:   I showed them my website (because does World Class have public internet access?  Well, it is world class).  First, Mr. Helpful talked me through signing myself up for Google Analytics so that I would know how many people visiting the site, and then Ms. Helpful started coming up with random things on the internet that people might enjoy.  So, without further ado:

Spelling City is a site where your child can type in spelling words (correctly, let’s hope) and then it creates simple games, like word searches and fill in the blanks, so that they can practice while you are doing something besides helping them practice.

Disney is giving away something like a million free tickets to theme parks in exchange for people doing local volunteering in their Give A Day, Get A Disney Day program.   Crafty Ms. Helpful is planning to rack up some tickets making blankets for Project Linus.  I have vague aspirations to do a Disney park one of these days, since I was deprived as a child and have never, ever gone.  Perhaps this is my big chance. . . ?

Then I got home and there was an email waiting for me from the Union College ice skating folks saying that “For those with a half-day of school on Friday, January 8, we have changed our public skating time to 2-3:30 pm. Cost is $3/skater and $3/skate rental.  Please spread the word.“  To which I said, why I believe I can do that.

*Okay, I understand that I ramble too much, clearly, but I decided to look up “dork” in the urban dictionary before I posted this, just in case I was being unintentionally obscene, and apparently: 1) I am, pretty much, a dork, and 2) a dork isn’t necessarily that bad:  “Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.”  So, anyhoo, then I felt compelled to share it with you.  I love the urban dictionary.  It can be quite useful at times, like, when you have a vague notion that using the verb “teabag” is a bad idea politically, but you want to be sure.


  1. HollowSquirrel

    Are there any boys in that there gymnastics class? I need an outlet for my energetic son.

  2. Yeah, 2 or 3 in J’s class. . . for preschool age the “gym kids” is coed, and after that they do separate girls’ and boys’ classes.

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