Recreational Retail

We had to buy a birthday gift and one of those big cardboard display boards. Plus, all three of us had gift cards burning holes in our pockets. So we all headed to Target. Because I’m just not as strong as Gaga.

I think that I picked up the second-to-last display board in the entire place, and even it had a little rip in it. I should have known. M is finally participating in her elementary school Learning Fair, but she’s woefully behind. She’s got a week, and she’s maybe read two books about her topic. Okay, well, perhaps that’s not so bad, until you realize that all of the display boards have sold out at Target. And that one of my friends’ kids was finishing up his freakin’ Power Point two weeks ago. But I’m confining myself to occasional nagging, and I’m not doing it for her. Even if it kills me.

Now, normally, we’re not recreational shoppers. But today we got carried away and spent way too much time at the store. The girls’ gift cards were designated for clothes, and they happily chose a couple of lovely spring frocks.

They also tried on a couple of bathing suits. In fact, we were 3 for 3 in the dressing room with the suits. They admired themselves, and I was grateful that girl body anxiety still hasn’t set in (knock on wood). I mean, who knows how many more years they’ll have left to enjoy trying on swimsuits? I know I don’t. Especially, as you’ve heard, when the kids come along to help .

Meanwhile part of my gift card went to a frivolous pillow that seemed made for my living room. This was a total impulse-buy, and I was hoping that it would replace the incredibly disgusting cushion that it’s sitting on. Except that, since it was an impulse buy, I hadn’t measured, and it’s too small. But I think that I’m keeping it anyway.

The exciting part is that the cover is machine washable. That big cushion isn’t, and it’s just . . . probably not sanitary. I mean, it’s unsightly and a possible health hazard.

So it was an afternoon of overindulgence, and I couldn’t help thinking how very fortunate we are. Especially with the latest news of the devastation in Japan. Was anyone listening to WAMC this morning when the woman reporter in Japan was speaking? She was calmly explaining that she’d been speaking with a legislator when the earthquake started, and after another couple of questions it came up that her son was attending school near the epicenter and no, she hadn’t heard from him yet, but she was sure that he was going to be fine. I started crying right there while I was packing lunches.

It’s enough to make you truly grateful for today’s crappy weather, isn’t it?



  1. We only get one US news channel, unfortunately it’s CBS. The “early show” has got to be the WORST “news/information/entertainment” show I have ever seen. AND IT WAS ALL WE COULD WATCH ABOUT THE EARTHQUAKE. I actually did hear about that reporter. So horrible…and makes us all grateful for our families and friends!

  2. Claire & Michelle, I’d heard about both of those, but thanks for mentioning them, because it reminded me to put it into my official notes for next time I put together listings.

    And thanks, Ken. Jo Anne, isn’t there something you can get online somehow? Or do you have to leave the house for a good connection? I hope that they give us a follow-up on what happened.

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