Guess Where We Had Dinner?

Oh yes we did.

One of our little friends had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Usually an hour at CEC gives me a headache, but lucky for me, I already had a headache before I even walked in the door, so it didn’t matter much.

We had an abundance of tokens, not only from our gracious hosts, but from a remaining stash from a long-ago gift from Nana & Pop. So the girls went nuts. I think usually I’m so stingy that I don’t really notice how much Chuck E. Cheese is like Vegas 4 Kidz. I feel like there’s some sort of sociological study in there somewhere, but I’ll leave that to someone who’s looking for a master’s thesis topic to write about.

My friend ordered some sort of appetizer/snack platter. Guess how much?

I think she said $18.50. When she first told me the price we were both appalled, but now that I look again, it’s not entirely unreasonable. In fairness, I think that she’d already scooped up a few of the fries. And you have to give them credit for including the celery, right? You know that when it comes to eating out, I’d make other choices, but when in Cheesedom, embrace the cheese.

Speaking of embracing the cheese, I do think that the birthday song is catchy. I was clapping, dancing, and singing along, and I believe that a few of my friends (and possibly employees) were laughing at me. Mid-song, Cute W arrived from work and immediately began to clap/dance/sing as well. That’s just the way our little family is. It will be our daughters’ cross to bear through adolescence.

Tomorrow we get a date night: David Sedaris at Proctors, baby.


  1. Jill

    Oh yes we were laughing (w/you of course), and even might have caught some video of you & W singing and dancing. W did mention maybe having HIS b-day there next year.

  2. No, not Chuck E. Cheese! In case you missed it, I’m supporting the FUSSYlittleBLOG ballot in the Times Union readers poll just because I hate seeing the same 3 (Friendly’s, Red Robin, & Chuck E.) listed as the top 3 restaurants for kids in the Capital Region.

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