Behold, the Splendors of Nature

Gorgeous day, right?

Apparently we’ve got a string of them in store. So I thought that I’d remind you that we have a list of local hikes that you might enjoy–the link is always over there on the right for your convenience. If you have a difficult time motivating your kids to hike, or if you’d just like to try something new, check out my post on letterboxing. It is very fun.

Finally, if you’re going to be hiking anytime soon, check out Saratoga Woods and Waterways. I love this blog’s gorgeous pictures, and as everything pops out for spring, you can take a look at this blog for information and a preview of treasures that you might find.

Meanwhile, if you’d rather stick around home and be a little crafty, you can still commune with nature at the same time. First, behold this adorable centerpiece:

It’s just some wheatgrass grown from seed in a cute little bucket. It was from the nursery school auction that we attended over a week ago, and it’s still going strong. So that’s a fun little project.

If you’re pondering a garden, check out last year’s post on gardening with kids and start thinking about what crops you’d like to raise. Any favorite crops you’d suggest to other readers? I love me some informative comments!

Finally, another fun little crafting idea that I’ve just discovered is colored sand. Now’s the time of year that you might be heading to the home improvement store to buy yourself some fresh sand for your sandbox. You might want to save a little for crafty projects. Coloring sand is crazy-easy. Just pour some in a baggie, add a few drops of food coloring, seal the bag and mush the sand around in your fingers until the color is evenly distributed. Kids will love the mushing around to make different colors, and then they can make sand pictures by sprinkling over glue, or use a funnel to pour different layers of color into a small container–a used spice jar works particularly well. Of course,  you might just set aside a bag of sand and keep it for a rainy day, since the weather forecast is looking great for now.


  1. Emily

    Candied violets are also fun to make, following the same instructions as mint leaves on your older post. You can make them safer by baking the candied product in a 200 degree oven for half an hour, on parchment paper-lined pan. They are slightly less beautiful, but still a great treat and especially good as decorations for a spring angel food cake topped with whipped cream. Just sayin.’

  2. Michelle

    We have done a TON of letterboxing already this spring. I swear, its an addiction for me (and it’s driving my husband crazy!).

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