Last Week in May

I was too exhausted by the extravaganza that is Niska-Day to post last night. Seriously: a parade, a birthday party, a carnival, a pig roast, and fireworks. Almost entirely fun. Except when M pushed J in one of those big plastic Flinstones-styles cars and J put her toes down and got the tops of her big toes scraped off. This, after we’d spent half an hour watching little boys crash in the most insane and frightening ways without physical trauma of any kind. But J’s in the car for 2 minutes and she’s driven to hell in a handbasket. Really, she was okay. It was just particularly horrifying to watch, because we saw J’s face transform from joy to agony. She recovered and rallied for the fireworks.

Part of the parade tradition is candy-throwing, and with our house early on the parade route, the girls got quite a haul of durable, throw-able candy. After dinner tonight, M tasted her first Mary Jane candy. I hadn’t had a Mary Jane in years, so I told M to just take a little nibble, because I would gladly finish it for her if she didn’t want it. On the contrary. She thought it was yummy, and she proceeded to tease me by moaning with delight at its delicious Mary Jane goodness. And moaning. Way too much moaning. We both tried not to giggle and Cute W said, “Please, M. Don’t do that any more. No father wants to hear that.”

Now the clock is ticking: how long will it take until I break down and buy myself a whole bag? Because, you know, I remember it being tasty, but from what I heard tonight, it sounds even tastier than I remembered. I’m only kidding. It’s really the Bit o Honey that’s causing me to pine. Because she wouldn’t share that, either.

It’s kind of a slow week, really. Yikes. So, having exhausted my various options, I thought that I could check the weather and console you that we could all spend plenty of time playing outside. Then I checked the weather, and frankly, it’s not looking pretty. So bleak and rainy, in fact, that I decided to check all the malls to see if there were any lame-ass events for inside. Nope, nothing. Sigh. Well, there’s always What About TODAY?, right?

Also, don’t forget that you have until Monday at 5 pm for the soccer camp giveaway.

All Week:

  • Joyful Jumpers will be closed Monday to Friday due to a construction project.

Monday, May 23rd:

  • Learn how to use a compass at Moreau Lake and play some games. Call for time–it doesn’t say on the website.

Tuesday, May 24th:

  • I didn’t find anything. Sad, right?

Wednesday, May 25th:

  • From 10-10:45 am it’s Kids at Work at the Bethlehem Public Library. Stories about tools and trucks for kids ages 2-6.
  • Sling Babies is hosting a Sling Out at North Bethlehem Park on Weds at 10 am–just added based on comment below.
  • Rain or Shine, it’s Reading Time from 10:30-11:30 am at the New York State Museum. Free. And that’s why we love them.

Thursday, May 26th:

Friday, May 27th:

  • The Children’s Museum at Saratoga will be closed this morning and open at noon.
  • At 3:30 pm, kids ages 5 and up can learn about Wacky Water Bugs at the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology. Pre-register; it’s $2/non-member.
  • From 5-6:30 pm, there’s a pre-basketball (see 7 pm) Chinese Street Festival in front of the Times Union Center. Food, culture, crafts, and more.
  • It’s Troy Night Out from 5-9 pm.
  • Starting at 5:15 pm, it’s Kids Night at Albany-Saratoga Raceway. Stock car rides, fireworks, and kids can bike on the raceway. Admission $10/adult, $3/kids 5-12.
  • Go on a Twilight Kayak from 6-8 pm at Moreau Lake. Kayaks are available for rent in limited supply. Call to reserve.
  • At 7 pm, there’s an exhibition WNBA basketball game at the Times Union Center. It’s the New York Liberty vs. the Chinese National Women’s Team. Tickets are $5 for kids 2-12 and range from $12.50 to $29.50 for adults.



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