Getting Ready for Camp

I did a quick stop this morning at Tiny Tots Tea Room, where they were getting ready for a Big Latch-On event. I thought that it would be the perfect place to ask people for additions to my old post on Favorite Breastfeeding Spots in the Capital District. In fact, I was thinking that maybe I should add a “New Mama” page with links to that post and my Teensy Baby posts to make it a little easier for people who’ve just stumbled upon Capital District Fun–what do you think–worth it?

I didn’t linger at Tiny Tots, though, because I had to launder and label clothes in preparation for our voyage to Wa Wa Seowea, where M will be spending her first week ever at sleep-away camp. She is excited and doesn’t seem nervous at all. So far. Generally, she is braver and cooler than I ever was.

If the weather is decent, I think that Cute W, J, and I are going to try to hit the Berkshire Botanical Garden after we drop M at camp. They currently have a Tree House exhibition, where you get to climb up into the tree houses, which sounds super-fun to me. Plus, J is deeply interested in gardening.

I have about three different half-done posts, all of which had some technical snafu or another, so I think that I’m giving up for the night.

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