Yummy Crepes

The other night we had one of our favorites, yummy crepes.

Cute W uses the recipe (called French Pancakes or Crepes) from JOY OF COOKING, that glorious cookbook that also  explains the difference between various lettuces and teaches you how to skin a squirrel (with pictures)! I mean, how can you beat that? In one delightful volume?

Anyway, the crepes are pretty easy. Especially for me, since Cute W makes them. He uses a non-stick griddle.

Crepes in progress

We tend to do the same fillings every time: the girls like ham and cheddar, Cute W and I have ham and Swiss and mushrooms, and I throw in some spinach too. We cook the veggies separately first. Also, plenty of salt and pepper.

For dessert, Cute W and I go for bananas, J likes raspberries, and M skips the fruit. But we all agree on the crepe dessert essential:

Oh yeah, baby! Just don’t look at the saturated fat content because it will spoil your appetite.

In other news, J did her first day of all-day girl scout camp. She reported that it was wonderful, and she and her BFF were the only girls in their little Daisy group to pass the swim test. She was exhausted and I seriously thought she was going to fall asleep when I drove her home at 5:15 tonight, but now it’s 8:15 pm and she’s lying, sleepless, in bed. I think she went past overtired and caught a second wind while waiting for dinner and then reading bedtime stories. I’m going to have to serve her dinner and put her into PJs ASAP tomorrow.

With both girls camping, I spent the day from 8 am to 5 pm child free today. I know. I grocery shopped, washed some floors, caught up with a couple of sisters, wrote 3 articles, and knocked some other items off of my “To Do” list. One item that I haven’t done, but which is on the list, is updating that What About TODAY page. I know it’s outdated. It’s just so annoying and boring to go through it. But I will, soon, I promise.

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