Blue Skies

A quick update since things were bleak last night:

  • The allergist made me feel much better. Very common hives that I can prevent with some preemptive antihistamine use. We may not figure out the exact trigger, but it’s likely they’ll just disappear within the next few weeks.
  • Gorgeous day, yes?
  • Debra and June from KidsOutAndAbout.sent me flowers:

  • The girls arrived home with pretty excellent report cards.
  • And, of course, kind comments from you! Thank you!

Tomorrow we’re blowing off the school’s half-day and squeezing in one last day for skiing. I still didn’t get in a workout today, unless you count tag in the yard and dancing briskly through two entire songs with J hanging onto my back like a monkey. Wait, that totally counts, I think.


  1. Claire

    Katie, which allergist do you go to? I’m thinking of switching for my son. (Of course I understand if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, but if you’re able to that would be great.)

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