Rash & Links

Yesterday was J’s first day attending school since the Rash Incident. She’s been improving, so I gave her a non-drowsy allergy medicine and sent an email to the nurse telling her that my doctor swears it’s poison ivy or poison oak, as unlikely as it seems, and that it’s absolutely, definitely not chicken pox. J … [Read more…]

Yummy Mini Donuts

Cute W specializes in tasty breakfast carbs, so we just had to impulse-buy the Mini Donut Maker that was at Target the week before his birthday. Over the weekend, Cute W made our first donuts. He just used the basic recipe in the instruction manual. The donuts are so little that each one is just … [Read more…]

This Week

The girls and I watched the red carpet a bit. Lots of pretty dresses. Their most common criticism was, as M put it, “Too boobish.” For example, regarding Jennifer Lopez, M said, “The dress is pretty, but I’d like it better if she had an undershirt. . . Maybe a light blue undershirt, so she … [Read more…]

Date Night and a Sunday of Sloth

J is marginally less itchy, so that’s good. Cute W and I still are still feeling unwell. Nevertheless, we had a date night. It was sort of unavoidable. We’d bought tickets a while back to see Mike Doughty at The Linda. I mean, I’m generally pro-date night, but 45 minutes before the babysitter was due … [Read more…]

New-Old Mama, Little-Big Kid

I haven’t been loving winter break this year. M is a social butterfly. This morning she called me to ask if she could please stay at her sleepover friend’s house until 1 pm, when everyone was going to go roller skating, which would be followed by–you guessed it!–another sleepover. I insisted on a brief stay … [Read more…]

A Game: Set

We got the game Set for Christmas, and I’ve been meaning to post about it, because it’s a good one. Set is a strange game. We heard about it from my niece, whose math teacher would let the kids play it in class sometimes. Of course, that gives you the vague impression that it’s educational, … [Read more…]

Poor J and Links

My poor little J is suffering from an allergic reaction to something. Or she’s suffering from something. I don’t know what it is, but the poor child is a mess. She is red and bumpy and splotchy all over her entire body. She looks almost normal if she’s all drugged up on Benadryl, except that, … [Read more…]

Let’s Get This Party Started!

We’ve decided to relax this weekend and not do too much of anything. Good idea. Except that when the girls appear to be playing contentedly on their own, it often means that they are Up To No Good. Exhibit A: I was taking out the recycling when I noticed that my good stock pot was … [Read more…]