Birthday Party Fun

J’s attended 2 of her 3 birthday parties of the weekend, and I hung around Friday’s party long enough that I couldn’t resist taking a couple of pictures to share. First, rainbow fruit skewers. . . cute, right? Lucky for me, some of the kids were suspicious of the mangoes, which were recruited to represent … [Read more…]

Celebrating Spring With Books

I was volunteering at the library today, and I stumbled on What Bluebirds Do by Pamela F. Kirby. It’s a gorgeous picture book full of photographs of a family of bluebirds that took up residence in the author’s backyard. Readers see the baby birds grow and learn all sorts of interesting facts that will be … [Read more…]

Cuddles with Big Kids

When I was thinking about the whole big kids/little kids thing, I remembered something I hear all the time, which is how little babies and toddlers are so cuddly, cuddly, cuddly, and then big kids don’t want to cuddle. Well, yes, okay. Sort of true. It would be lovely if there were a happy medium … [Read more…]

Going to your Future School

This weekend  is our elementary school’s annual Pancake Breakfast. We go every year, more for the used book sale than the food. I am a sucker for discounted books. One of the organizers asked me to list the information on, but as I was adding it, it occurred to me that this is another … [Read more…]

Sibling Rivalry

Did I ever tell you about the time M saw the guy almost drive away with his coffee cup on the roof of his car? I was thinking about this story when I wrote the Planting Seeds in Pretend Play post. Especially if your child is always with a member of the family, you can … [Read more…]


Yesterday, one of M’s 4th-grade friends came up to me and gushed, “Mrs. B! You have got to let M see The Hunger Games! It’s so good!” I smiled what I hoped was a pleasant-but-cryptic smile. Another friend backed her up, “Oh, it’s TRUE. It’s so, so good. And it’s hardly even violent. You hardly … [Read more…]

J’s Perspective

We were playing outside today, and I took a bunch of pictures of the girls. You know that I’ve got a long-standing tradition of avoiding current photos of the girls’ faces, but here’s a cute one of J: J asked for a turn with the camera. I’ve done a post on photos from her perspective … [Read more…]

And This is Why I STILL Don’t Get Enough Sleep

The other night I couldn’t sleep because I found myself designing Maternal Merit Badges. I was thinking about how it’s So Not Helpful to tell other moms that things will get tougher (or, like one commenter reported, “What I’m doing is much harder than what you’re doing!”–nice). Meanwhile, kind words–especially from strangers, because if you’re … [Read more…]

Happy Spring!

When I was in high school, I used to dress in a flowery sundress for the first day of spring, no matter the weather. I’d bring in bunches and bunches of daisies and hand out a daisy each to any classmate who wanted one. Funny. Apparently I was cooler than I thought I was. Normally … [Read more…]