Yogurt and Blood

Hey! Look what moved into the ShopRite plaza in Niskayuna.

I worked at TCBY for one of my high school jobs. They told me that I’d get sick of eating there, but I never did. If I got bored with yogurt, there were waffle cones. . . or candy toppings. . . or wet walnuts. . . and so on. Was it on my top ten list for things I’d like to be able to walk to? No. But it beats the heck out of another bank or drugstore, so I’ll take it!


In other news, I just got a call from the blood center. You may recall that giving blood is one of my favorite volunteer activities. Why? I’ve said it before:

I couldn’t help chuckling because it’s got to be my favorite volunteer activity.  Seriously.  First, people ask, in all seriousness, if anyone’s paid to have sex with me lately–wow!  I feel cuter already!  Then, I lie down quietly for a little while.  There are even magazines if I’m in the mood.  Finally, I am served cookies & juice or coffee.  And sprinkled throughout:  profuse praise & thanks.  No, honestly. It’s my pleasure.

So, I made another appointment, but it’s far in the future. I was giving blood the maximum number of times I could, and then I started getting a little anemic and my doctor told me to only give two or three times a year. Usually they make the appointment, and then they say thank you and remember to hydrate and goodbye. This time, the guy said, “Do you have any friends or family who may be willing to donate?” He sounded pretty desperate. Then they did a post about the 15-year low on All Over Albany. So I’ll consider you all my friends and family. If you’ve been meaning to do it again (or if you never have donated, but you think that you’re eligible), go ahead and call the Red Cross to set up an appointment to give blood.



  1. Meghan

    The Tea Room in Clifton Park recently hosted a blood drive. It was wonderful, I was able to drop off the little man, go donate blood (aka nap!) and then since they gave me a coupon for Friendly’s Ice Cream we got ice cream!

  2. Jahnavi

    I saw TCBY on Monday and I was wondering how come I didn’t hear about it from you. Here it is!

  3. Colleen

    We went to TCBY today. I was psyched that they always have a non-dairy sorbet available too because my child is allergic to milk. And they gladly took out labels for the toppings so I could check them as well. So yay for that! There was a sugar free option too. Two thumbs up!

  4. Elizabeth

    I love your description of donating blood. I kinda like donating too. You articulated why (and added some stuff I never thought of, but laughed at!).

  5. suzanne

    Giving blood was one of my favorite things to volunteer for too. I think anyone who can should give. Because I take a certain medication, I can no longer give blood. It’s unfortunate too, because I have B+ which is not as common.

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