Sorry. She’s busy making scones.

I’ve been working on a post way too long and it’s still not ready. And you know Cute W’s not around, so I’d like to just knock off and catch a chick flick, thank you very much. So I’m going to slack off and share a post that’s been waiting to be published forever. I remembered it while I was reading bedtime stories, because we have this adorable crocheted pink elephant made my little brother’s girlfriend.

For a while, she was making a slew of crochet creatures. Look: a monster, a giraffe, a penguin, a cupcake, and an owl.

She thought about selling them, so I was waiting for a link to her Etsy shop.

Alas, she’s cast aside the crochet hooks (Ha, ha! “Cast!” That’s textile humor, ladies and gentlemen!) in order to attend pastry school instead. So imagine all of these delights, except concocted out of butter cream frosting. I’ll let you know if and when she chooses to create something that you can actually get your hands on. Oh! I just remembered that she contributes to Saucy Little Dish, so you can get recipes and glean some of her new culinary wisdom there. She’s Dish Paige.

Time to go check the instant queue.

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