I’ve been a blog slacker because I’ve run out of my summer energy. Most of our camps and activities have ended and the pool is less crowded with friends. My kids are hanging around the house more, creating crafty projects and games that leave stuff all over the house, asking to sit on my lap while I type an email, doing freestyle cooking, arguing with each other. I’m having trouble focusing. I’m skipping workouts, which makes me crabby. My ill-temper is feeding into the girls’ moods and I see it happening, but I’m having trouble stopping the cycle. My house is a sty, and I press my children into service, but while one corner of the house is organized, another is neglected. My children have yanked out their long-sleeved shirts and sweaters and sneakers, but the bathing suits and beach towels and sandals are still everywhere, too. I tell myself that I should plan a fun outing, but the calendar is packed with back-to-business appointments, the vet, the dentist, the doctor. We have school supplies stacked up in the dining room and there’s endless talk about the small homework assignments that must be completed without any action on any of them.

I hate this transition time. The overlapping. The slowing down, the gearing up. The summer going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

I’m going to try to get myself motivated to accomplish a bit more. Tomorrow.



  1. My oldest just left for her second year of college. Your blog is a joy to read and brings back many memories. What is really important will get done and the other stuff may not matter so much in the greater scheme.

  2. @G, aww, thanks for the kind words. My nephew just got dropped off at college yesterday–the first of our next generation. Long days, short years!

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