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That’s right, it’s another edition of random links of things you might find interesting.

Thanks once again to Jezebel for providing daily entertainment. They recently pointed out all of the hilarious faux reviews people are writing for the special “lady pens” called BIC For Her pens. An excellent way to procrastinate a few more minutes before you get useful.

I recently tried this recipe for Curried Lentils with Mint Rice and, much to my astonishment, everyone in the family liked it. As in, they ate it at dinner. The kids asked for the leftovers. More than once. Both kids asked me to make it again. Astonishing, because it is a vegetarian slow-cooker meal that’s made with lentils and a pile of vegetables. Shocking. Of course, I made a couple of modifications. First, I was the only mint-in-the-rice enthusiast, so we’ll do plain in future. Second, I started out toning down the spice for fear that it would be too much for the girls, but it absolutely wasn’t, so I added more again at the end. Also at the end I stirred in a little bit of Greek yogurt to make it creamy, and I served it with lime wedges to squeeze.

Speaking of which, the TU’s Parent to Parent blog recently asked people about their go-to busy night meals. I always like more ideas. Our desperation, super-busy-night meals are bean and cheese quesadillas, “naked” spaghetti (butter, cheese, garlic salt, basil), and “Thanksgiving” (rotisserie chicken or turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce). How about yours?

Real Family Time has a list of great back-to-school picture books for little kids.

Holy cow. I’m waaaay behind on my Google Reader. Half of the stuff I’ve starred is over now. And I just finally got around to watching Neil Patrick Harris doing the opening number for the Tonys.

I was going to link to a crafty blog, but it appears to be struggling to connect itself to the world right now.

We were slobtastic today and had a Gidget marathon. I put the tv series on my queue after extensive lobbying by my children to watch Modern Family. That’s been nixed, but Gidget carries its own complications. She’s usually pretty spunky, but in one of today’s episodes young Gidget failed miserably in shop class and finally got rid of her greasy coveralls and switched to a fancy dress, concluding that no woman is ever helpless. . . as long as there’s a man around! So we had to have a post-show feminist critique for that episode. Although now that I’ve linked to it, I’m wondering about The Flying Nun? Really, it’s annoying. We’ve ripped through Little House on the Prairie and the Brady Bunch. Any suggestions on old series that are cool without being inappropriate?

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