Labor Day Fairs, Iroquois Indian Festival, Thacher Nature Programs, Sand Sculpture Contest, and More This Weekend

Today we managed to fit in errands, a doctor’s appointment, a trip to the pool, a playground playdate and picnic, the first soccer practice of the season, some work, and Cute W’s second (!) fantasy football draft. There’s that end-of-the-summer urgency at this point. What fell by the wayside? Cleaning the house. Maybe tomorrow.

Actually, tomorrow we’re hosting M’s book club. Did I mention that M and her friends have a book club? This will only be their second meeting. At the first, only two of the girls had managed to finish the book (Bridge to Terabithia), and a third spent the first fifteen minutes cramming in the final pages. M was bitter. She’d finished the book early, so she got annoyed when we had to postpone. This time the book is The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. M loved the book, and she once again became aggravated when her friends weren’t reading quickly enough for her. I told her that she had to relax about it, but it’s especially funny because I’m part of what we call a Snobby Book Club because in my previous book club, people wouldn’t finish the book, or they wanted books that were too lowbrow, and so we became a splinter faction. Of course, writing this post made me realize that I hadn’t reminded M’s friends’ moms about the book club. Yowza. Before I was hoping that someone would show up who had read the book, and now I’m just hoping that someone shows up, period.

Here’s what’s happening this Labor Day Weekend:

All Weekend/Multiple Days:

Friday, August 31st:

Saturday, September 1st:

Sunday, September 2nd:

Labor Day Monday, September 3rd:

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