Toward Light

I have nothing remotely adequate to say about Newtown. I couldn’t bring myself to post yesterday, and I’ve sat in front of the computer for an hour now, so I’m giving up.

Last night the girls were in Yuletide Revels and they did a beautiful job. Before the show began, the director spoke a bit about how the whole celebration of Winter Solstice is about welcoming light in times of darkness. Then the show began as they’d rehearsed it, with a group of children, including J, walking in with lanterns in the darkness, saying, “We still have each other/Through morning and night/Through thick and thin/Through darkness to light.” J had been home all day, so I’d held it together up until then, when I pretty much lost it altogether.

Praying for more kindness and less cruelty, more light and less darkness, for everyone.


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