On some recent trip Cute W mentioned that it really stresses him out to know that I’ve told everyone that we’re away from our house. This had never really bothered me before, because I’ve always considered the blog somewhat anonymous, except among friends whom I trust anyway. But it’s gotten slightly less anonymous since I started working for KidsOutAndAbout.com, so I kind of see is point.

Which is why I didn’t mention that we were going to Kansas City for a week to visit his parents. It’s thrown me off a bit. First, the internet service is a little bit spotty, but I also found it difficult to try to post about anything since I’m used to writing about whatever’s going on. Now we’ve packed the luggage into the car to head for the airport, and I’m set free.

So, yes: we went to Kansas City. Orchestrating Christmas morning away from home is tricky.

And now I’m home and too overtired to actually give any details. So I’ll leave you with this lovely image that greeted us at the Albany International Airport:


That’s right: a teensy little snowman smoking a cigarette! Isn’t that just. . . heartwarming? And the eyes are cigarette ashes. Charmingly repulsive. Okay, I’m going to bed.


  1. Claire

    That snowman is too much!

    I understand your husband’s concern about discussing departures ahead of time online. When I was on FB, I never discussed vacations till after we returned.

  2. suzanne

    I understand the concern too. I agree with Claire, never discuss vacation until you’ve returned. Hope you had a great time.

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