Links and a Lazy Saturday Afternoon


Hey! So a couple of internet items made me laugh out recently. First, surely you’ve seen this little video of the parents reacting to Les Miserables? So funny. Excuse me for being just too lazy to hunt down an accent for that e. I’m suffering a bit, right now, because I’m really in the mood to go see a movie. I don’t know if this happens to you, but if I experience something that should be wonderful and isn’t, I crave the better version for a while. For example, if I politely eat a cupcake with frosting from a can, I find myself craving my own, homemade frosting. Or if we go someplace for barbecue and it’s bad, I start lusting for delicious barbecue, and I feel grouchy and uncomfortable until that particular desire is fulfilled. So, yeah: usually it’s food. But in this case, it’s the movies. We went and saw The Hobbit, a movie that the entire rest of my family wanted to see. And I went along with them, but I didn’t enjoy it for the portions that I remained awake. And right now there are roughly a jillion movies (okay, not a jillion, but Les Mis, Lincoln, Argo, Hyde Park on Hudson, and Silver Linings Playbook) that I’d like to see. Cute W is out doing an overnight lock-in-type-deal for church, and I am craving a movie that we three girls would enjoy going to see together as a delightful little outing. And there just isn’t one. I put a call out on FB about reviews of Les Mis, and while my friends’ advice varied from “go with kids” to “wonderful, not for kids” to “awful,” I decided it’s a no-go. I’m just whining for no reason now. Really, life is lovely. I’m stopping right here. I think we’ll check out Mirror, Mirror on Netflix instant.

Did you hear about this episode of Real Actors Read Yelp?I’d never heard of this funny, funny bunch of videos, and I only heard about it because the linked review is by Daniel Berman from FUSSYlittleBLOG. Watching this had me hoot-hoot-hooting with laughter, and knowing how seriously he takes his food (and, apparently, his spoons) made it only more entertaining. And I probably could have allowed myself to get sucked into watching every last one of them, but I’m restraining myself and rationing instead.

Also, there’s been some drama in the world of Saratoga Mom blogs. Since I don’t actually get out much, I don’t really know either Jenny of Mamatoga or Colleen of SaratogaMama (and Malta Mama before that) except through my computer, where they both seem delightful and smart and much, much better at designing attractive web sites than I am. I think that the folks at Idiots Being Idiots had an excellent, succinct little explanation with links if you want to get the whole story. I wish both of them well!

Finally, the TU’s Ski Lines blog has a post about children’s programs at Smugglers’ Notch.

I have to go and read to M. For some reason, even though she reads mostly on her own these days, she loves to have me read the final chapters to her. She’s almost done with the third Shadow Children book, so she’s calling me.


  1. I fell asleep twice during Lincoln, and I dropped my tub of popcorn twice (not while sleeping). Will have to check out Mirror, Mirror. Argo, on the other hand, does not allow for sleeping or breathing — my chest hurt from holding my breath (which I hadn’t realized I was doing).

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