Ice Skating at Empire State Plaza

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when we went along with M’s Girl Scout troop on Friday to do some Free Ice Skating at the Rink at Empire State Plaza, it was the first time I’d ever skated there. I’ve been meaning to go for . . . a while. But now that I’ve finally … [Read more…]

Baking Bread

So lately I’ve been baking our family’s bread. For one thing, we don’t have a make-a-sandwich bread that we really like. For the longest time we loved Pepperidge Farm Nutty Oat bread, but these days we can’t ever find it. When I look for bread, I’m always trying to find something with, I don’t know, … [Read more…]


I had a wonderful weekend in Savannah, where I met three of my sisters as well as my parents, who live there. There  was plenty of delectable homemade food. . . and more yummy homemade food. . . and out to restaurants for Southern-style shrimp. . . and more Southern-style shrimp (these, actually, are both … [Read more…]


You may remember that I gave the girls permission to watch Downton Abbey a while ago, in fact just days before an episode which was so sad that I regretted having granted permission in the first place. Well, they love Downton Abbey, and we’ve already blown through two and a half seasons. Tonight we finally … [Read more…]

Hell, No!

Did I tell you that I’m taking a trip South? Yep! I’m having a “Girls Plus Dad Weekend” in Savannah for the Savannah Book Festival. Fun, right? Three out of four of my sisters and I are meeting down at my parents’ house. I’m actually writing this in the Philadelphia airport on Thursday morning, and … [Read more…]

Careful in the Valentine’s Day Aisle

I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of my friends and I ran into a similar problem. He reported via Facebook: Hey Walgreens, how about if when someone searches your site for ‘Valentine’ you try to separate the cute puppy valentine cards from the condoms and love lotions. You know, for the … [Read more…]

Begging for Money for Schools

There was another budget meeting last night, and I didn’t go. I know, I know: I’m terrible. But Cute W was out of town, so I would have had to either just go for a little bit (because I wouldn’t want to leave the kids alone for long) or drag my children to the meeting … [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day Craft

When we went shopping for Valentines this year, J got ambitious and asked to make little crafts for all the kids in her craft. Luckily, we timed our shopping trip perfectly for Thursday afternoon, so J had an activity all ready for her snow day. They turned out pretty adorable. Target was selling little kits … [Read more…]