Winter Fun at Lapland Lake

We spent the weekend at Lapland Lake, and I wrote a review of it for Wow, everyone there really loves winter. It’s pretty amazing. We left on Friday night, and I was a little stressed out, actually. I’d originally said that we’d arrive around dinner time, but then M had an evening soccer game, … [Read more…]

Icy Mosaics

So I’m talking Fun with Ice and Snow on Newschannel 13’s Live at Noon tomorrow, and I’m gathering props and testing crafts. I tried blowing bubbles in the freezing weather, but the results were  lackluster (especially irritating when I hear about this all the time, and it’s all over the internet, like if you Google … [Read more…]

The Snow Day Cometh

Our school district is one of the few in the area that didn’t give the kids this entire week as a vacation. The plan is that they’ll report bright and early in the morning. I like that plan. I really, really like that plan. I love my children and my husband, but I am ready … [Read more…]

Ice Skating at Empire State Plaza

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when we went along with M’s Girl Scout troop on Friday to do some Free Ice Skating at the Rink at Empire State Plaza, it was the first time I’d ever skated there. I’ve been meaning to go for . . . a while. But now that I’ve finally … [Read more…]

Snowy Day

The truth is, I’m pretty pissed off about this snow situation. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m all about embracing winter. I have that page on my blog with winter fun, and I just wrote an article on trying out new winter sports for I’m just irritated about the timing. We had, long ago, … [Read more…]

Ice Skating, Yoga, & Etta

It’s cold enough that outdoor skating is available! I got an email today saying that there’s skating at Indian Meadows: The Town of Glenville skating rinks at Indian Meadows Park, 155 Droms Rd., are now open. Hours are sunrise to sunset, and when rink conditions allow, evening skating under the lights until 9PM. The rinks … [Read more…]

A Stern Lecture, Clearly Overdue

As parents, we try to be encouraging. We look for the best, and we try to accentuate the positive. Through our loving eyes, we might see things differently from, well, reality, and it can take time before we even realize that we’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses. Too late, we understand that our indulgent attitude has … [Read more…]

Snowy McSnow Day

Jeepers. That’s plenty of snow. The good news? We finally have decent packing snow suitable for snow people and snow balls. It’s about time! Also, remember how I said that Collins was a little iced over for sledding? Ta da! Problem solved! Of course, the bad news is that there’s a lot of snow clearing. … [Read more…]