A Stern Lecture, Clearly Overdue

As parents, we try to be encouraging. We look for the best, and we try to accentuate the positive. Through our loving eyes, we might see things differently from, well, reality, and it can take time before we even realize that we’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses. Too late, we understand that our indulgent attitude has been  encouraging misbehavior. We might ignore things that shouldn’t be ignored, or we might even laugh at something the first time without thinking that, with repetition, the appeal will be lost. Entirely.

Clearly I’m guilty of this practice. In attempting to appreciate that which nature has given me, I sometimes put a disingenuous spin on events. I ignored stuff, and the bad behavior continued. Give an inch, and next thing, a mile is required: you know how it is.

But real, loving discipline means limiting bad behavior and  setting clear expectations. Guidance is required. Things are getting completely out of hand. And so it’s time for a lecture.

Winter, I’ve had it up to here. This simply must stop. Oh, I know, I know. I embraced you. I do embrace you, but there’s a time and a place for everything. The time has passed.  You were cold, cold, cold, and I reveled in your unique qualities, with skiing and backyard rinks and skating in the park. But as time passed, it got old. The last time there was snow, I was frankly a little bit disappointed in you. But I can understand if you got mixed messages. I was putting a brave face on it, looking on the bright side, even saying that I enjoy clearing the driveway.

So let me be clear: I am sick of clearing the driveway. We’re all done with you. You may have thought that the whole snow day stunt would get the youth on your side, but M was disappointed. This day has to be made up, and she was excited for ropes, her favorite unit in gym. It’s just not any fun any more.

Now, I see that the temperature is much higher, and I hope that this is an indication that you realize that this recent snowstorm was inappropriate. Are we clear? Completely inappropriate. I do not want to see any more snow until December. Furthermore, I would like to see snowdrops within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Daffodils would be better, but I’m willing to be flexible on this point.

However, if there is any further accumulation of the white stuff, there are going to be some serious consequences.



  1. I am glad you had this FIRM CHAT with winter. Someone had to do it. He has let everyone down with his bad behavior. He just does whatever he wants, not caring what other plans are made. I don’t know if somehow he is missing me….and so is “acting up”. Hope not!

  2. Erin

    I was hopeful that the buds on the pussywillow tree in our back yard were a sign of spring, but then this storm happened.

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