Collins Day o’ Fun

What a beautiful day! We spent tons of time outside, most of it at Collins Park. In fact, M got a sunburn. Because I’m a bad mother who didn’t put sunscreen on her child.

Well, really, who would’ve guessed that the girls would spend, like, 4 or 5 hours outdoors? After Collins I was sure that they’d collapse on the sofa, but Mary’s granddaughter was visiting and playing outside, so after some food they trooped out again.

Anyway, I’ve suggested Collins Park in Scotia as a sledding destination before, because the parking is right there, and there’s the nearby library and a Dunkin’ Donuts for thawing out/cocoa drinking. I remembered it as a small hill, but it seemed almost treacherously steep today. There’s been a ton of sledding, so it was a quite iced over. I hadn’t noticed, before, that there’s a convenient staircase as well.

The kids loved sledding, but while everyone was sledding, we noticed that the snow was being cleared off of part of Collins Lake.  All of that gleaming ice was calling to us. Pretty soon we were heading to the lake for some sledding and/or sliding.

Look at the huge amount of cleared ice! Do you see the truck-with-plow in the upper left and how teensy it looks? I know!

And of course, on the border there were nice piles of fresh snow to play in. M found it irresistible, even mid-skate. There were some huge piles for a little snow-mountain climbing, which all the kids enjoyed. With all the activity and our winter gear, it felt downright balmy, and one of our friends had brought along a picnic blanket, so we all plopped down and snacked right out on the ice.

It was a wonderful day. Of course, that playroom’s still a pigsty.

Oh, two quick things I’ve been meaning to pass along:  First,  I’ve seen people sledding on what looks like a huge and fun hill just off Hetcheltown Road in Glenville, a bit north of Indian Kill Preserve. Second, you might recall that I was blogging a bit at CBS 6 as katies. I’ve decided to stop because I’ve been busy with other things, but if you’re interested in dabbling in a bit of blogging, I think that they’d love a new volunteer or two. Email me if you’d like details.



  1. katie

    The hill on hetcheltown rd is at Glendridge Nursing home. I am 32 and we have been going there since I was little. I just brought my son and his 3 cousins this weekend and they all had a great time… Its a fun BIG hill, but remember that the kids have to climb up it each time, so they got tired fast and it made it a quick day.
    Ive also been to Collins Park MANY times and its always a good time. Ive never gone out on the ice.. I guess nervous about the thickness of it.. but maybe well go have fun on it tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Stephanie

    We LOVE Collins Park. We love it so much that we drive over from Bethlehem just to go sledding. I love that you get a great ride but then don’t have to walk miles back up hill. If you go on the other side of the staircase there’s a double drop that’s pretty cool.

  3. katie–thanks for the nursing home name! I was trying to remember it. And the pick-up truck was plowing on the ice moments before we started skating, so that reassured me quite a bit.

    Stephanie–oh, yes, the kids were loving the double drop! The sledding/skating/plowed mountain triple whammy was excellent.

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