Cross Country Skiing

I’m feeling slothful and uninspired at the moment. I even whined to Cute W that I didn’t know what to post tonight. Really, I have a list of possible posts, but just about all of them required some research or writing effort. So what I really meant was, I didn’t know what I could post … [Read more…]

Yikes! Forgot this one-Bullied at Proctors Tonight

Tonight at 7:30 pm there’s a presentation at Proctors of Bullied, a documentary about one student’s experiences with anti-gay bullying. Along with the documentary, there will be screenings of student films and a panel discussion about bullying.  I can’t believe I missed this, especially since I’m friends with one of the organizers! In my brain … [Read more…]

Detox Dips #3

Today’s dip is a Curried Eggplant Dip. It’s loosely based on this recipe. I bet it’s delicious. But I’m lazy, and I didn’t have the ingredients. But my improvisation turned out pretty well. I’m not a fan of eggplant. Generally I think that it’s too boring and spongy-textured. In fact, I tried another eggplant recipe … [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day

Last year, Cute W came home with Thinkfun’s Chocolate Fix as a Valentine’s Day gift for the girls. W is always looking for super-strategic games and puzzles, and they are received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. This one went over quite well. First, it’s cute. That scores points with my kids. There’s a booklet with … [Read more…]

Tonight, After Dinner

We’d just sent the girls upstairs to brush teeth and put on pajamas while we finished our glasses of wine when there was a yell from upstairs: “MY MOUTH IS FILLED WITH BLOOD! THERE’S BLOOD AND BLOOD!” What does it tell you about my bad attitude and J’s hypochondriacal tendencies that I sat back with … [Read more…]

This Week Doesn’t Count. Plus Dancing.

No, I’m serious. Between the holiday and the snow day and the other snow day and my cold, I didn’t get much done this week. I am a wimpy snow driver, so I kept procrastinating away errands. I wasn’t feeling too great and the kids were around all over the place, I didn’t knock much … [Read more…]


The snow sure is pretty though, isn’t it? I spent quite a bit of time shoveling the driveway. Except for losing this time to other, more satisfying tasks, I don’t really mind clearing the driveway. Scraping away chunks of snow has that same sort of satisfaction one might get from more personal grooming endeavors. Plus … [Read more…]

Snow Day: The Sequel

I’ve made good on the tv threat/promise. My children are bewildered but grateful. After some outdoor play at the crack o’ dawn, this might be the most tv that they’ve watched ever. Their brains are going to be so mushy by the end of the day, they’ll be begging to go back to school tomorrow. … [Read more…]

Rates for Skiing Day Trips

I had a tremendously unproductive day and some girl-drama this afternoon, so I’m grouchy. I figured that I’d blow off posting today. But then, instead, I  decided to share my notes as I checked out lift ticket prices. We’re thinking about skiing this Sunday. This listing is pretty self-serving. It isn’t  particularly helpful for those … [Read more…]

Snow Day

How was everybody’s snow day? Yeah, mine pretty much sucked. Part of the problem was that yesterday was a half day for M, which in my school district means she was home around 10:45 am. Before that I’d been helping with a program at school from 8:45-10 am, so my day yesterday was basically shot, … [Read more…]