Snow Day: The Sequel

I’ve made good on the tv threat/promise. My children are bewildered but grateful. After some outdoor play at the crack o’ dawn, this might be the most tv that they’ve watched ever. Their brains are going to be so mushy by the end of the day, they’ll be begging to go back to school tomorrow.

I spent much of the morning lounging in bed trying to rid myself of my most recent cold. Here’s what irritates me: I feel like, if I’m willing to just give in and take a nap or lounge for 2-4 hours, I should be cured. I woke up after a nap and felt really good. And then I realized that I felt really good because I was lying completely still on my bed. As soon as I got up I felt like crapola again. So I feel cheated. I did my part. I rested. But you can only do that for so long when you don’t have a great book to read.

So I took a Theraflu (love that stuff) and I added roughly a jillion new books to my PaperBack Swap account. Did some laundry. Honestly, does it ever feel like at the rate the piles grow, your kids must be secretly just putting clothes on and taking them off really fast for sport? Remember those relay races where you’d have to dress in some grown-up clothes, run a little way, and then peel them off for the next kid? I think my kids are doing that very, very quietly when I’m not paying attention. Also, why do they feel the need for pristine, fresh-from-the-dryer pajamas? I keep pulling pjs out of the hamper and telling them, “If they don’t smell, they’re still fine!”

I had a mild panic attack because I realized that J’s dance class is this afternoon. I called and was so pleased when the answering machine message told me it was canceled that instead of hanging up like instructed, I waited for the beep so that I could gush my gratefulness to the dance teacher.

I’m thawing some frozen soup for dinner, and there’s not a dang reason to leave this house.

For those of you who are way more motivated than I am, GeekMom has Nine Smarty Pants Ways to Enjoy the Snow.

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