Oscar Reactions

Cute W worked late last night, so we slacked off, skipped the bedtime stories (in spite of their schedule), and watched the red carpet arrivals for the Oscars instead. This was the girls’ first encounter with the Oscars, and their questions and comments were pretty amusing. I said that I thought Jennifer Hudson looked great … [Read more…]

Duly Noted

Since the girls were teensy, I’ve kept a running list of the silly, sweet, or irritating things that my children say or do. Actually, I’ve slacked off a bit since I started the blog, but I do my best to keep up with the notes. I started with a small spiral notebook, and currently I … [Read more…]

Snowy McSnow Day

Jeepers. That’s plenty of snow. The good news? We finally have decent packing snow suitable for snow people and snow balls. It’s about time! Also, remember how I said that Collins was a little iced over for sledding? Ta da! Problem solved! Of course, the bad news is that there’s a lot of snow clearing. … [Read more…]

Collins Day o’ Fun

What a beautiful day! We spent tons of time outside, most of it at Collins Park. In fact, M got a sunburn. Because I’m a bad mother who didn’t put sunscreen on her child. Well, really, who would’ve guessed that the girls would spend, like, 4 or 5 hours outdoors? After Collins I was sure … [Read more…]

February Break

Before it starts February break always seems like a long stretch, and now I already feel like it’s going to fly by. . . am I nutty, or does anyone else feel like that? Today was sort of our “business” day, because we had two classes from our usual routine that were scheduled for the … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Sunday was Cute W’s birthday, and we ended up having an impromptu lunch party at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy. We’d visited the one in Rochester, but this was my first time here in Troy. Yes, I know: I try all these vegetarian and vegan recipes (like here and here), but the truth is, I love … [Read more…]

Miscellaneous Stuff

Those oh-so-helpful folks at All Over Albany shared that a bunch of videos are available from the recent TEDxAlbany event. I’m excited to check these local ones out, because I love me some TED Talks. Speaking of things I love, I also love Girl Power Books, so I was excited when Lisa Belkin over at … [Read more…]

A Backyard Ice Skating Rink!

Recently we went to our friends’ house to try out their new homemade ice rink. So, first of all? Completely jealous. Seriously, it’s awesome. Unfortunately we have a small, sloping little yard, so no matter how much I pine (and whine), it’s just not meant to be for us. But maybe you could try it. … [Read more…]


As you know, my children take great pride in packing for trips with minimal help from me.  Along with their clothes, they usually pick out just a few personal essentials. J brought her small flowered case along to Jiminy Peak. Ever wonder what a six-year-old girl deems essential? Cute, right? I’m over tired, laundering like … [Read more…]