J pole sled Lapland Lake

Here’s a page on Christmas Fun in the Capital District.

We live in the Capital District, people. It’s Upstate New York. Your choices from December through March are: 1) become increasingly miserable or 2) embrace winter.

Let’s embrace winter, shall we? Come on! There’s plenty of fun to go around.

My Embrace Winter  article is an introduction to winter sports like snowshoeing, skiing, and ice skating, along with tips for getting started.

Here’s a post on sledding hills.

Here’s a list of places to go tubing.

Here’s a post on snowshoeing at Thacher.

I know how to rock a snow day. Read this and you will, too.

Fun with Ice and Snow includes crafts and other activities you can only enjoy in the winter, like:

Skiing Information:

Ice Skating:

A silly post on preparations for a snow day.

Here’s a guest post on Fun Stuff to Do with Little People When It’s Nasty Out.

Here a post in which I got fed up with embracing winter. Even I have my limits.