The Snow Day Cometh

Our school district is one of the few in the area that didn’t give the kids this entire week as a vacation. The plan is that they’ll report bright and early in the morning.

I like that plan. I really, really like that plan.

I love my children and my husband, but I am ready to say goodbye to them for the day.

I have the Christmas tree to dismantle, a task I always save when I have the house to myself, because frankly, it’s tedious and depressing, and I want to do it as efficiently as possible.

Spoon under the pillow

Spoon under the pillow

I need to work out, and I usually do most of my working out at home. But when the family’s at home, I worry that Cute W will realize that I’m un-cute and not as strong as I’d like to be, and no matter how cute and strong I am, M will roll her eyes and smirk at me, and J, bless her heart, will want to exercise with me, and she’ll take up all of my floor space or decide she needs whatever piece of equipment that I’m using.

Ice cube is getting flushed

Ice cube is getting flushed

I haven’t been blogging much, as you’ve probably noticed, because it’s difficult to focus with everyone around the house. Over the last couple of days I wrote a review of Mount Snow (it’s not out yet, I’ll link to it later) and put together the KidsOutAndAbout newsletter, and I was literally changing locations within the house constantly in an attempt to avoid the noise and distractions of various members of my family.

PJs inside out

PJs inside out

I’ve also got Top Secret Christmas Stuff to return, like the pair of gloves that Mrs. Claus planned to give J to replace her lost glove, until it magically reappeared on December 23rd. There are errands to run, but these errands require me to first ransack and re-organize my house, which can’t be done while I have a True Believer in residence.

All of which has me a bit crabby about the weather report.  I’ve checked this official Snow Day Calculator and it’s not looking good, people.

To make matters worse, we’ve really been slugs the last couple of days, which seemed okay because we were tired out from traveling and skiing and such. But now I’m feeling pretty damn sluggish. We have not emptied the house of chocolate (in spite of my best efforts), and it feels like everyone I know on Facebook was ice skating or hiking or taking a polar bear plunge today, and I ate fudge and watched a movie. I was okay with that plan this morning, when I thought: tomorrow it’s back to the routine! I’ll be productive and I’ll work out and I’ll eat kale salad and it’s okay if I’m Not Awesome today, because I’ll be awesome tomorrow. But now it’s quite possible that the forecast calls for more movie watching and fudge. At least, that’s how it looks if my kids have any influence.


  1. Claire

    I’m totally with you on wanting to put away the Christmas decorations alone. Unfortunately, I never get that opportunity. My son doesn’t go back to school till Monday, and his birthday is two days after that, so I really can’t wait that long to take down the tree. So I did it all yesterday, with his “help”, while my husband was at work. Definitely depressing, but it is a relief to have it done.

  2. @Claire, yep, I’ve given up on waiting, too, so I’m putting it away now. Traditionally I turn on a silly chick flick to watch as I’m dismantling the tree–might have to do something on my laptop with headphones. . . .

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