Oh, Fudge!

Before Christmas I asked my mom what she’d like for a gift, and she gave me the old just-glad-to-be-happy-and-healthy malarky before she finally conceded that books are always a good idea. Now, last year I’d given her books by authors who’d be appearing at the Savannah Book Festival, where my sisters and I would be … [Read more…]

Lazy Links As I Recover From the Holiday

How’s everybody doing? This morning I ran into several moms I know, and while we watched our girls get their asses handed to them during a soccer tournament (they played well, but it’s a tough division), a repeating refrain was, “Yeah, Christmas was great, but I’m glad it’s over.” I wouldn’t go quite that far … [Read more…]

Keepin’ the Magic Alive

Merry Christmas Eve! Oh, wait. It’s past midnight, so I guess it’s Merry Christmas. Cute W and I just got done with setting up for the morning. So you’re my wind-down time. Keeping things magical has continued to be a bit of a challenge. Last night the girls were tucked away in bed, Cute W … [Read more…]

Caught in the Act. Twice.

Last night I was tip-tap-typing away on my laptop while curled up on the living room sofa. Cute W was upstairs reading to M, J was asleep, and I was being unbelievably productive. Until– “What’s Holly doing in the laundry basket?” J asked. There was probably a 2 second delay while I processed that someone … [Read more…]

In Which I Fantasize

On days like these, I would like to build an addition to my house. Like a mudroom, but a snowroom. Here are the features that I would like: –There would be a large double door, because children who want to go out and play in the falling snow want to get out immediately, as in, … [Read more…]

Alternative Gifts

Over the weekend I was like some kind of insane Amazon Prime machine. But after ticking off my main list of gifts, I always have a second little shudder of panic as I remember all of my “tier 2” gifts, like things for teachers and neighbors and extra items that I want to recommend that … [Read more…]

Singing in Grand Central

My most vivid Christmas memories are from a day when my Dad took my little sister and me to New York City. The day comes back to me like one of those movie montages set to music, one heartwarming scene after another. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center, a carriage ride around Central Park, ice cream … [Read more…]


Good news! J’s graduating from her upper palate expansion program! J’s still expanding her lower palate, but her orthodontist told her that she’s all done up top. In fact, he suggested that she might want to use that upper expander-retainer thingy for something else. I think he was just kidding, but. . . . . … [Read more…]

Holiday Overload

I am not on top of this holiday season. Wait, do I say this every year? I don’t think I’m usually this far below my own expectations. And here’s the thing: I’ve lowered my expectations. Like, significantly. In years past, I’ve organized a neighborhood Christmas caroling party, I’ve hosted what I called Crafty Girl Parties, … [Read more…]

The Worm Has Turned For J

J’s first gymnastics meet of the season was today, and it was at the same Y as our first meet ever just last year. If you don’t remember, that meet ended with an excruciating awards ceremony in which my child sat hopefully and listened as many, many, many children’s names were called to receive the … [Read more…]