Ice Skating at Empire State Plaza

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but when we went along with M’s Girl Scout troop on Friday to do some Free Ice Skating at the Rink at Empire State Plaza, it was the first time I’d ever skated there. I’ve been meaning to go for . . . a while. But now that I’ve finally gone, I must heartily endorse it! And you should go, because it’s the last week of the season: when the rink closes at 8 pm this Sunday, it’s done until next year.

A friend went skating over February break during the day and found the rink lovely and tranquil. On Friday night, it was a party scene. We skated from 6 to 8 pm and there were families with little kids as well as plenty of teenagers and young adults who were there to see and be seen. Music was playing, skill levels varied from hockey stoppers and twirlers to preschoolers shuffling behind cones and a teen in shorty-shorts shrieking and clinging to the railing.

It was a lovely little community occasion, and such a pretty view, too!


It’s free to skate if you’ve got skates, or you can rent them for $3. They’ve also got a little cafe and some picnic tables.

With the big crowd in the evening, if you are someone who likes their ice pristine, well, it wasn’t. Snowy but perfectly serviceable.

They’ve also got a Free Learn-to-Skate Clinic on Saturday, so you can try it out AND visit me inside at the Hannaford Kidz Expo 2013 at the Empire State Plaza! Yes, come on!




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