Chowderfest, Harlem Globetrotters, Sesame Street Live, Wilton Wildlife Winterfest, & More This Weekend

Last night the wind blew pieces of my screened porch down. Awesome. And now that everything’s melted, we’re freezing again? Part of me is glad becaus there are several different winterfests going on, so we need a little winter. Here’s what I’ve found for this weekend. As always, you can click on the bolded date … [Read more…]

Out of the Gloom

I had a rather gloomy weekend for one reason or another, but it looks like the various members of my family have conspired to remind me that life is wonderful, thank you very much. On Sunday afternoon I just took to my bed for a while to watch an unexpectedly sweet little chick flick while … [Read more…]

J and her Elf Encounter

You know that this year,  I’ve been a little concerned that J’s teetering on the edge of disbelief about Santa and all, which has caused me to do my best to fan the embers as much as a mama can. Like, you know I wouldn’t have done that Elf thing just because I liked the … [Read more…]

Yummy Mini Donuts, the Sequel

Cute W likes to make delicious breakfasts: waffles, pancakes, French toast. .  . usually while I’m still sleeping. So at some point we got him his very own mini donut maker, and I reported on our first experimental attempts at making mini donuts. On Monday morning I woke up to find that our kitchen had … [Read more…]

Delicious Outings All Weekend

I had a fun weekend with more than my fair share of leisure activities. On Saturday night we went out to Casa Real Mexican Restaurant in Rotterdam for a friend’s birthday. It’s fairly new, and it was pretty good. The staff were all friendly, and it was that lovely little balance of as-easy-as-a-chain-restaurant-feels-without-being-a-chain-restaurant. Does that make … [Read more…]

A Gold Star For Me

We’ve been having a lovely and relaxing weekend. Yesterday I slept in. When I stumbled downstairs at almost-9 am, the rest of my family was laughing at me. They’d been up for a couple of hours. They’d been living their lives, doing stuff, all while I was sleeping. . . and sleeping. I was sputtering, … [Read more…]

Gymnastics Fashion

My 8-year-old, J, is on the brand-new gymnastics team at Cartwheels. I’m fretting about it a little bit, actually. She’s one of the younger kids in her little group, and she’s not ready for her first meet, which is fine, because they are wonderful and low-key about the whole thing (unlike some places we’ve experienced). … [Read more…]

Snowy Day

The truth is, I’m pretty pissed off about this snow situation. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m all about embracing winter. I have that page on my blog with winter fun, and I just wrote an article on trying out new winter sports for I’m just irritated about the timing. We had, long ago, … [Read more…]