New Year’s Eve, Again

For the second year in a row, we’re watching tv on New Year’s Eve. Actually, we were at a party for the earlier part of the evening. I hadn’t really processed it, but while the grown-ups talked and ate and drank upstairs, the kids were down in the basement watching the show during the party. … [Read more…]


Cute W loves playing games (we’ve mentioned a few before), so we usually get a few at Christmas. One of this year’s favorites is Fluxx. In this card game each player is dealt three cards, and the first player follows the Basic Rules: pick up one card, then play one card from their hand. One … [Read more…]

More on Our Trip

We had a week of eating too much, baking with Grandpa, shopping with Grandma, and playing with cousins. The Fort of Awesomeness has been equipped with a heater and is now a year-round facility. Planning Christmas morning away from home is challenging. We ordered many items online and had them shipped directly to Grandma & … [Read more…]


On some recent trip Cute W mentioned that it really stresses him out to know that I’ve told everyone that we’re away from our house. This had never really bothered me before, because I’ve always considered the blog somewhat anonymous, except among friends whom I trust anyway. But it’s gotten slightly less anonymous since I … [Read more…]

The Family Updates

Hooray for snow! Don’t forget that my Embrace Winter page has links to snowing hills, a snow ice cream recipe, places to tube and ski, and more. How was everybody’s Christmas? J was a bit melancholy on Christmas morning. I think that this is our last year of belief, and I fear that she was … [Read more…]

Cute Craft to Measure that Snow

Look at this craft J brought home from her school party: It’s one of those paint stirrers that you can get for free at any home improvement store. Just paint it white and add a little felt or fabric hat, scarf, and nose. And measurements, of course. Speaking of scamming free craft materials out of … [Read more…]

Non-skid Slippers

In our house, it’s a tradition that Mrs. Claus sends a little gift. It’s typically what I’d consider a sensible “old lady” gift. So if the girls are low on socks or underwear or long underwear, that comes wrapped up with the other items on Christmas morning. This year the girls are fairly well-supplied, so … [Read more…]

A Laugh, Plus M’s Reading

Someone shared the Funniest AutoCorrects of 2012 on Facebook, and I laughed very hard. So read it. But make sure that, if your kids are old enough to read, they are far away. Otherwise they will hear you guffawing and come running in  and they will learn a whole bunch of words that are entirely … [Read more…]

Post Newtown

There was a bit of discussion on Facebook  about whether and what to tell kids about Newtown, so I thought that I’d just tell you how it went down at my house. J was home sick on Friday, and I did not make a peep about it. Then M arrived home from school, and I … [Read more…]