Toward Light

I have nothing remotely adequate to say about Newtown. I couldn’t bring myself to post yesterday, and I’ve sat in front of the computer for an hour now, so I’m giving up. Last night the girls were in Yuletide Revels and they did a beautiful job. Before the show began, the director spoke a bit about … [Read more…]

More Ethnic Restaurant Yumminess

We’ve been eating some tasty food lately. Not too long ago J and I stopped at Shalimar for the lunch buffet. How had I never been there before? I’d heard that it was tasty, but somehow I hadn’t connected “tasty Shalimar” with the place in Peter Harris Plaza in Latham. Am I just slow? Did it move? … [Read more…]

Gift Ideas for Yourself. Or Me. Or Whatever.

Beyond trying to figure out gifts for the various children and other loved ones in my life, I’ve been coming up with gift ideas for myself lately, and I thought that I’d share some stuff on my wish list and/or things that you might ask for, if you’re looking for ideas. Here’s something new I … [Read more…]

Lazy Links

Our board meeting was packed, including people standing outside the room in the hallway and some tv cameras. Every member of the public who stood for public comments spoke against closing our local middle school. Which was mildly encouraging, but I’m still not super-optimistic. It was also more than two hours, and I’m tired. So here are a few lazy … [Read more…]

Craft Night

Craft night at the elementary school. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I didn’t even volunteer or craft at this one, and I’m still exhausted.

More Holiday Crafts

  On Saturday I helped out with our annual Homemade Holidays program at church. Grown-ups made wreaths and there were plenty of simple-but fun crafts for everyone. Kids loved squeezing glitter paint onto glass balls. Glue and glitter made pinecones extra-special, and little circles of pipe cleaner made cute little stands. There were homemade beeswax … [Read more…]

An Easy Lasagna Recipe

I’ve struggled for years with trying to make a decent lasagna. Okay, not like I’d stay up nights fretting about it or I’d try recipe after recipe for weeks on end. More like, once every 6 months I’d try a recipe, and it would fail for one of the following reasons: 1) it was an … [Read more…]