Lazy Links

Our board meeting was packed, including people standing outside the room in the hallway and some tv cameras. Every member of the public who stood for public comments spoke against closing our local middle school. Which was mildly encouraging, but I’m still not super-optimistic. It was also more than two hours, and I’m tired. So here are a few lazy holiday links:

Here’s a list of inspiring green gifts for girls. I think the Pick a Jewel Necklace would be perfect for J, but she’s already got a long list of requests.

Over on Motherlode they’re pondering “To Elf or Not to Elf,” too.

 iVillage offers up lots of ways to convince your  child that Santa is absolutely real.

And even a shiksa can appreciate Hannukah recipes from Kveller like Nutella-filled beignets and chocolate mousse!



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