Little Shop of Horrors, Nutcracker, ESYO, Wizard of Oz, Holiday Crafts, Hanukkah Fun, and More This Weekend!

I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about one of my favorite fundraisers: Dining for Dollars. You sign up and someone delivers a lasagna dinner with bread, salad, and assorted other items to your door in time for dinner on Tuesday, December 11th, and then you mail a donation of whatever you think is appropriate, and it goes to Katrina, Irene, and Sandy hurricane relief efforts. You don’t have to cook or even think about dinner and you don’t have to feel guilty about take-out because it’s a good cause. The meals are all vegetarian, and you can request gluten-free. I highly recommend it. Sign up now!

Here’s this week’s newsletter in which I poured my heart out a little bit more than usual. It’s also got links to lists of where to cut your own tree, where to see holiday lights, a fun giveaway, and more.

It’s another weekend jam-packed full of fun in the Capital District. On Friday afternoon I’m stopping by/possibly lingering at the Nature Exploration Event & Nature Park Rally at Birchwood Elementary School. That night we have a craft night at the girls’ school. Saturday is a Girl Scouts “Elf Fest” and a soccer game, and on Sunday we’re going to see Little Shop of Horrors at Schenectady Light Opera Company–there’s actually a bit more going on than that, but those are our highlights

Multiple days:

Friday, December 7th:

Saturday, December 8th:

Sunday, December 9th:


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