Ginny Martin Dance Class at Home Giveaway!

Guess what? Local legend Ginny Martin has offered up a copy of her brand-new DVD called Dance Class at Home as a giveaway! Actually, I convinced her to offer up two copies, but the other one is for KidsOutAndAbout, which you would already know if you subscribed to the weekly newsletter like you totally should be. … [Read more…]

The Bier Abbey

I went out with some friends to The Bier Abbey on Union Street in Schenectady for dinner tonight. It’s advertised as Belgian and pub fare with a huge selection of craft beers, and it’s on that little section of Union Street, with Cafe Nola and Orenda and Manhattan Exchange, and other places that I’m forgetting, … [Read more…]

Bombers Mama Outing

Recently I went t to Bombers with friends. I’ve said before that I’m neither a fan of their burritos (I’m a Chipotle girl, myself) nor of their decor, which consists of scantily clad women straddling missiles. But I AM a huge fan of the free giant margarita on your birthday. My friend’s birthday was on … [Read more…]

A Modest Success

This morning opened with some Sisterly Drama. Actually, the morning happened without me, because I slept in since there was no school. But by the time I roused myself, Cute W was getting ready for work in earnest and the girls were downstairs in the playroom. And the first time I saw them was when … [Read more…]

Impending Snow

I’m not taking this snow forecast very well. I know, I know, I’m the one who’s always talking about how we all need to Embrace Winter. And I do think that, on a purely intellectual level. Two winters ago was our best winter ever because we spent so much time ice skating an skiing and … [Read more…]

Story of My Life

On Friday, M called me about 20 minutes after she left for school. She’d forgotten a book report project. Could I please, please drop it off? Usually, M’s terribly responsible. But in what I fear is an unwelcome new trend, she’d forgotten something just a week before. So as soon as I took Friday morning’s … [Read more…]

Leprechaun Trap

After rallying for the water park trip (I’ll link to the review when it’s ready), J wasn’t feeling great again. She stayed home yesterday, but this morning she said that she could handle school, and against my better judgement, I let her go because it was Leprechaun Trap Day (you know that I don’t love … [Read more…]