Sick Day for J

J crept into our room at 2 am complaining that her head hurt and she was coughing too much to sleep. Sure enough, she had a fever, and even after some Motrin she was shivering under her covers, so I spent much of the night in bed with her before stumbling back to my own … [Read more…]

Keep Calm and Eat a Banana

Saturday before last was J’s first-ever gymnastics meet. Honestly? It was a bit of a Parental Endurance Test, not least because it involved seven and a half hours combined of driving and hanging around for less than 5 minutes of my kid actually doing gymnastics. J loves gymnastics, but there are plenty of other things … [Read more…]

Chocolate Mousse

Recently it was Cute W’s birthday, and instead of cake, I made him a family favorite: chocolate mousse. We all love this mousse. Cute W brought some leftover mousse with him to work the next day, and while he was eating (and probably moaning, just a little, with pleasure), one of his co-workers apparently asked … [Read more…]

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Why hello. I’ve been slacktastic when it comes to posting, mostly because I’ve been busy. First, hunting down every. single. parent. in the 5th grade to extort a baby picture of their child for the baby pictures section of their graduating-from-elementary-school yearbook (which may be moot if the local middle school closes and they’re stuck … [Read more…]