Ginny Martin Dance Class at Home Giveaway!

Guess what? Local legend Ginny Martin has offered up a copy of her brand-new DVD called Dance Class at Home as a giveaway! Actually, I convinced her to offer up two copies, but the other one is for KidsOutAndAbout, which you would already know if you subscribed to the weekly newsletter like you totally should be. You can sign up here.


Anyway, here’s the official schpiel from the newsletter:

 Designed for 4- to 7-year-olds, Ginny’s Creative Movement class is a beautiful way to encourage children’s natural movement and gently expand their repertoire with simple, fun techniques. With Ginny’s help, children pretend to be butterflies, bunnies, and fairies, learn to lift themselves with their “invisible string,” and begin to tell their own dance stories. You can check out clips or purchase the DVD online for $12.95 ($2.95 shipping) at

And here’s my unofficial schpiel:

I love Ginny Martin. I actually wrote about rehearsals for her recital a while back. I love how gentle and creative she is and how kids respond to her. Her classes are terrific.  And I’m especially enthusiastic about the DVD because one of the dancers is J’s BFF Lucy–she’s the little girl all the way to the left in the picture above. This is just perfect if you have a little one agitating for a dance class and you’re not sure if they’re ready, and of course it would be an excellent gift.

So, if you’d like to enter the giveaway, please comment on this post before noon on Tuesday, April 2nd. Please tell me about you and dancing: did you take dance classes as a kid or as an adult, do you like to go dancing, or anything else. And of course, you’ll need to ensure that your email address is correct so I can contact you. I’ll be choosing a winner randomly from the comments with help from

Good luck, everyone!



  1. Brigid

    I took dance at a rather well known local school of dance as a kid- not going that route with my girls… looking for more free form, less sequins…

  2. Amy

    We were looking for a teacher that promoted individuality and fun That’s why we LOVE Ginny’s classes. The dances in the video are from poems Ginny has written. She encourages creativity and imagination. I think all schools have their pros and cons but I would highly recommend Ginny’s Creative Movement classes.

  3. Liz Hanna

    My daughter is in love with dance and I’m trying to decide what kind of class to enroll her in. She loves it all. I took ballet when I was younger and loved the structure, but I am thinking she might love a more “express yourself” dance. But then again, who can resist tutus and pink shoes.

  4. Nicole

    My daughter is so so into dance but I never took official dance as a kid. I’m looking right now for something for her and someone recommended Ginny Martin. I’d love to check it out!

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