Bombers Mama Outing

Recently I went t to Bombers with friends. I’ve said before that I’m neither a fan of their burritos (I’m a Chipotle girl, myself) nor of their decor, which consists of scantily clad women straddling missiles. But I AM a huge fan of the free giant margarita on your birthday. My friend’s birthday was on a Sunday, and so we had a little girls’ lunch-and-drink. Which made me just check my calendar, and my birthday this year is on a Sunday, too, so I think that I’m going to copy her exactly.



Really, it was an excellent outing. Plus, I also discovered the item on the menu which is my new must-have: Disco Fries.


Oh. My. God. French Fries with melted cheese and gravy. Sounds awful, but so delicious. Eating them, I couldn’t help thinking that they would be the best thing ever if one were high and beset with the munchies. They seem perfect for that. But then I thought: I really don’t know, because my experience with drugs is so minimal. Like, tragically minimal. Did anyone else spend the entire first season of Weeds thinking to herself, clearly, I should have smoked more pot? And then I thought about how I wasted my youth studying and attending classes and being responsible, and how now that I am well into my 40s I feel like I probably should have relaxed a bit more between, say, ages 12 and 28. And now I have these kids and I have to be a good example, blah, blah, blah. So ten years from now I’m just going to go nuts.


  1. JM

    Those fries were darned good. And, I’ve been craving those margaritas. We need a friend with a Sunday birthday in April!

  2. Did you try any of the not-birthday-size margaritas? Because those are SOOOO much better.

    And do try the wings. YUM.

  3. @JM, YES. @Erin, I felt the need to supplement that margarita with my own personal margarita, so yes. And prior to the Disco Fry Revelation, the lemon pepper wings were my favorite dish. I think that at many restaurants, ODins on apps is just the way to go.

  4. @Erin, yowza. that “s” was supposed to be a “g”–I commented back and then went back to bed this morning. As I’ve said, I’m not the best in the morning. . . .

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