Snow Ice Cream

Get a bowl full of clean snow.  Add milk (or cream or half-n-half) until it’s wet enough, sugar until it’s sweet enough, and vanilla.  I always have the economy-sized imitation vanilla for wintertime.  We don’t do exact measurements–it’s a lot of dumping and stirring, really.   So it’s a good kid activity.  Usually by the time you’ve got it perfect it’s more like snow ice cream soup, but my kids and I love it.  J will say in July, “I can’t wait until we can make snow ice cream again.”


  1. Thanks, Stacey! You’ve totally made my day. I’m serious. Especially since I know that you aren’t a friend or family member that I’ve begged to comment so that it will look as if people like my blog. Not that I’ve done that. . . . That would be pathetic, right?

  2. Michelle Ross

    Great Idea!! Really looking forward to trying it with the next big snow fall 😉 Ty for sharing.

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