Les Miserables, “Dragons” Circus, Got Kids? Sale, and More This Week

Hey! Gorgeous weekend, huh? I was a little bummed that I’d committed all of Saturdays indoors at the Albany Children’s Book Festival, but it was a fun day. People associated with kids’ books–writers, illustrators, or fans–are just delightful. And thank you to those of you who stopped by to say hi. I’ve been feeling not-too-great all weekend, so I didn’t do a terrific job of playing outside today, either. J had a birthday party this afternoon at Guptill’s. She spent the morning playing outside and “helping” spread our neighbors’ mulch, but the four-hour party beat her. She arrived home feeling sick. Apparently she was having fun for most of the party, until the end, when her headache got worse. “And,” she pointed out, “jumping around in the loud music with blinking lights isn’t very good for a headache.” With J feeling poorly, I stayed home with her and missed M’s soccer game, which was especially a bummer because the weather was gorgeous and M and her teammates played well.

This week is supposed to be “screen-free” week, but if J’s going to be home sick, I’m not making any promises.

Here’s what else is going on this week:

 Multiple Days:

Monday, April 29th:

Tuesday, April 30th:

Wednesday, May 1st:

Thursday, May 2nd:

Friday, May 3rd:


  1. Kathy

    Thank you for giving up the sunny Saturday for the book fest! My daughter loves her chap stick that the “special fun list lady” gave her (its only for childrens to use mammi-not grown-ups so you can’t have it).

    and she managed to keep her smiley face tattoo on all day.

    so once again, thank you for all that you do. Please know how much you are appreciated!!

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