Cute W and Me

I met Cute W on my first day at Grinnell College. His dorm room was right across the hall from mine, so I was still struggling with boxes and belongings when he strode out and shook hands with my parents. He struck me as an Eddie Haskell right away. People from New Jersey were more … [Read more…]

Are You Old Enough. . .

. . . to know where I got the idea for this tasty treat? I’m not a big OJ drinker, myself, but I had a bunch left over when my (brilliant) Mimosa-makings for Niska-Day parade-watching last weekend. Unsurprisingly, we ran out of Champagne before juice. How’s Memorial Day Weekend going? We were pretty excited to … [Read more…]

My New Jewelry Tree

We’d already started on the bathroom remodel project when Cute W said his mom needed ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for me. I immediately thought of my soon-to-be counter space that would come with my little window seat. After all, how much sitting around would I actually want to do in the bathroom? (I … [Read more…]

Stormy Weather

You know things aren’t wonderful when I wake up extra early in the morning and can’t go back to sleep. Maintaining sleep is one of my greatest talents. But our school district’s budget was voted down last night–not just voted down, but, like, trampled upon–and now who knows what schools are going to close or … [Read more…]


The fish remain alive, and they seem pretty perky. We have a ridiculous, noisy, jerry-rigged filtration system, and if the pets survive through the week, we’ll probably buy something more suitable this weekend. Have you been wondering how the bathroom’s doing? Afraid to ask? It’s true that we hoped that we’d be done by now, … [Read more…]

Slow Cooker Meals

Our schedule continues to be crazy, especially at dinnertime, so I’ve been trying a bunch of new slow cooker recipes. I thought I’d share some links. The clear winner among our new recipes was this Chickpeas in Curried Coconut Broth recipe from Oxmoor House on the My Recipes site.   In fact, our only problem … [Read more…]

Girl Drama

I mentioned recently that M is going through some social turbulence these days, but I just didn’t have the energy to figure out how to explain it in a way that protects her privacy but gives a little insight into my current mom issue. First of all, I have to take a moment to express … [Read more…]

A Poem for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been saving up this awesome poem for the occasion ever since I heard it, gosh, months ago.  And if you all already knew it, well, you should have told me. Because it’s a new favorite. It’s “The Lanyard” by Billy Collins. If that one leaves you craving more and you have … [Read more…]

A Bunch of Links For You

I spent most of the day socializing and playing outside. Tennis in the morning, lots of phone calls, and then much of our after school time at the playground. I was pretty much completely unproductive. Like, two business calls and some raking in the yard, dishes. That’s about it. But I’m all caught up with … [Read more…]

Life at Home

Truly, have you ever seen such a streak of amazing weather before in Upstate New York? Day after day of sunshine and mild temperatures and trees and flowers unfurling. It’s an embarrassment of riches. I hate that I’m spending time inside tidying up closets or folding laundry, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s … [Read more…]