The fish remain alive, and they seem pretty perky. We have a ridiculous, noisy, jerry-rigged filtration system, and if the pets survive through the week, we’ll probably buy something more suitable this weekend.

Have you been wondering how the bathroom’s doing? Afraid to ask? It’s true that we hoped that we’d be done by now, but they’re making progress every day. Today the toilet and sink were installed along with a door, closet doors, and the shower doors. So we’re getting closer. I’m waiting to just do one final post with the full reveal because I don’t want to bore you with too much information. Tonight I ran out to Lowe’s to pick out a toilet paper holder and a towel bar as well as some more tiles to make a little back splash for our sink. And my children are arguing over who gets to use the toilet first. Also, who gets to shower first.

M: Can I use the shower first?

Katie: No.

M: Why not?

Katie: Because Daddy or I will get to use the shower first.

M: Not fair!

Katie: It’s quite fair, really. In fact, to be really fair, maybe we should take the first shower together.


I hoped that this would make M change the subject. Mission accomplished.

My neighbor Mary could still use your prayers and positive thoughts.

Tomorrow’s the school budget vote. I wrote a while back about why schools are struggling so much. I’m pretty nervous, actually. Our school district exceeded the tax cap and needs 60% approval for the budget to pass. If it doesn’t, closing M’s middle school or an elementary school are back on the table. They also might switch from full-day back down to half-day kindergarten. I hate the whole process, because it would make so much more sense if we could vote on pieces of the budget while it’s being formed. As it is, you’re pretty much screwed when you vote for it and screwed worse if you vote against it. So we’ll see what happens.

I still haven’t planned out our activities and camp schedule for the summer, and when I start to think about it, I sort of feel like I need to breathe into a paper back. But then the next thing you know I’m washing dishes or running out to choose bathroom accessories and I forget about it for another day and a half. I really need to get on that. This morning I was putting together the KidsOutAndAbout special camps newsletter, and there are some seriously cool camps out there.  Here’s the page that links to them. Personally, I like just browsing through the week-by-week lists.

Hope you’re all well.



  1. Lisa

    It is crucial that the school budgets pass. Like Nisky, my district (South Colonie) is trying to beat the tax cap. We’ve already lost so much and I cannot even imagine what will happen if more cuts need to be made. :/

  2. Claire

    I have definitely been wondering about the bathroom remodel, and I would never be bored by the details! But as far as photos, I think it would be much more dramatic if you held off on posting any photos until it’s completely done. Just my two cents!

  3. Jennifer

    Union Aquarium on Union St is by far the best place in the area to get any fish supplies. We have three tanks, and they treat us wonderful–they are so kind and friendly to our girls.

  4. @Lisa, happy for you guys that you passed it. Things are going to get more painful in Niskayuna.
    @Claire, yes, going to wait for the big reveal.
    @Jennifer, thanks. I think we’ll be heading there this weekend.

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