Another gorgeous day, and we’re mostly missing it because J is sick again. She made another checklist of what she needs for the sick day. She just roused herself from the couch and we’re considering a slow walk around the block for some fresh air. –Phew, and that was hours ago. The great thing about … [Read more…]

Pedometer and Tennis

I usually work out at home, so this whole guys-working-in-the-house-all-day is putting a bit of a cramp in my style. Luckily I’ve got my beloved Zumba class running twice a week, so at least I don’t miss that. Except when I accidentally think that the class is at 6:30 when it actually started at 6 … [Read more…]

We’re Going All Free-Range

One thing our family is known for around our neighborhood is that we’re pretty free range with the kids. The girls have been walking to school for years now (okay, granted: it’s only a block and a half, and there’s a crossing guard). My fifth-grader, M, has been allowed to go on short runs, bike … [Read more…]

Books We’re Reading

We’ve read a few good books lately, so I thought I’d share. The first happy surprise was  Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen by Mary Sharratt. I mentioned that this book was on my “to read” list after my sisters and I saw Mary Sharratt speak at  the Savannah Book Festival, but I was … [Read more…]

A New Master Bath! Part 2

Since I broke our exciting new bathroom news I’ve been collecting photos to share. Really, it’s more than two posts’ worth, but I don’t want to drive you all nuts. Still, the whole project has sort of been taking over my life, plus I’m excited because we’re starting tomorrow!! Whoop, whoop!! So I’m going to … [Read more…]

A Master Bathroom! Part 1

So, guess what? We’re putting in a master bathroom! Yippee! If you’re a regular reader, you know that I live in a small-ish, somewhat decrepit old house. I want to be the kind of person who is perfectly satisfied with our smallish house, but often I’m not. We’ve got one-and-a-half-bathrooms, which means the four of … [Read more…]