A New Master Bath! Part 3

Okay, did you want another bathroom update, or am I driving you crazy? After a slow-and-steady climb in “likes” on Facebook, for the last week I’ve been worse than stagnant, gaining no new “likes” and losing two. It’s enough to make a gal paranoid–what am I doing that’s making me less likeable? Wait. Don’t answer that. Or maybe tell me what would make me more likeable without specifying my unlikeable attributes. Oh, my God, my stock’s still falling, isn’t it?!?! I need to shut up about the whole thing.

Cats! People like cats, right?

Here is Isis “helping” me go through my papers for the mortgage refinance.


She’s all, “look in this folder and also pay attention to me, please.”


One bit of progress: we managed to settle the paperwork. Yay.

Here’s how our kitchen’s looking lately:


The kitchen’s below the existing and future bathroom, and we all thought that the pipes would be up there in the ceiling. But noooo. . . our pipes are somewhere else, encased in cement. Awesome. Apparently, that’s common for whatever era  it was when someone last bothered to mess around with our pipes. So, basically, we opened up the ceiling for nothing. And then we had to leave it open for the inspectors. Oh well.


Remember I mentioned that we found carpenter ants? They were all over the place in the wall under the windows here. You can’t see it, but there’s a flat roof just outside of the window–someone built an addition long ago and couldn’t bear to cover up the windows, so they left a flat roof-low window combination that encouraged dampness and ants. Originally, we were going to leave these windows even though they’d be in the closet, just because it was cheaper than getting rid of them.

But we’ve decided to get rid of these windows and add a sloping roof to discourage the ants. [Did anyone just hear a Ka-CHING?] So, briefly, we had an open picture window here:


Since then, the wall’s been filled in. You can see some wooden framing now where the wall will be to make a nice big closet.


And in case you’re tired of that end of the room, here’s the other. There’s the shower on the left–the circle is where the water faucet will be.


Meanwhile, with five windows remaining in the bathroom, blinds are a necessity. Here’s a teensy-weensy sample. I’m glad I took this photo, because it made me realize that we had the wrong color on our order. It’s tough to keep track of all the different shades of white. We need cotton, not frost!


And finally, this is a view of some of the wiring. I didn’t realize, but our architect had specified that our vent fan would have an extra heater. So I’ll have radiant heat from the floor and more heat coming from above as well. Absolutely spa-like! Especially since right now I usually shower with the bathroom door open because we don’t have any vent and I fret about all that moisture collecting.


The other good news is that was extra space above our super-low ceiling, so it already feels bigger. I was a little worried, before we started, that the bathroom was going to feel cramped. More than worried. I expected that it would feel cramped, but I figured that a cramped bathroom was better than no bathroom. But with a few of the walls framed up, it feels pretty damn good. Whoop, whoop!

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