Driving North: Barbecue Stop, New York City Tenement Museum, & John’s Pizza

Whenever we drive to and from Georgia to visit the parents, we stop for barbecue. On our way south this year, our efforts were thwarted. We stopped at one place that had gotten high ratings but was pretty much mediocre and, inconceivably, was out of ribs. Then we stopped at Smithfield’s based on Yelp ratings … [Read more…]

I Wrote in Other Places

Last night I found out at the last minute that we’d scored three passes to Peter Pan at Proctors. I was pretty much astounded by how good Cathy Rigby was, and more so once I went home and looked up her age. Then I was amazed. Anyway, here’s my official Review of Cathy Rigby is … [Read more…]

Spring Break in Savannah!

So let me catch y’all up on my spring break. On Thursday we headed south to see Taylor Swift, and from there we headed south. We made a stop at Monticello on Friday and arrived at my parents’ house on Saturday. Ahhh, it’s lovely there, in beautiful Savannah. Here’s the view from the kitchen sink: … [Read more…]


I sat down on the couch telling myself that I just wasn’t going to post tonight. I’m too grouchy. I am overtired and currently suffering from a spa-LIT-ing headache. It’s possible that the headache is because I’ve been detoxing all day, eating a massive pile of cabbage, leeks, and lettuce today after overindulging in Southern … [Read more…]

Hush Little Wrinkle. Plus Links.

So, today, M started squooshing my face. She pinched my cheeks and moved my lips around and then she said, “Hey, have you ever noticed how, as you get older, you. . . “Then she stopped. She is a clever girl. “Noticed what?” I demanded. “Uhhh. . . .” “Have I noticed that I’ve become … [Read more…]

I Am So Unbelievably High-Fashion And I Wasn’t Even Trying

Recently I was gifted with a stack of glossy fashion-and-beauty magazines. I don’t buy these magazines myself. I am fussy about magazines, really. Mostly because they make me feel covetous and inadequate. Fitness magazines make me feel unfit, house-and-garden magazines make me loathe my house, and beauty-and-fashion magazines, predictably enough, tend to make me feel … [Read more…]

We Go See Taylor Swift

On Thursday, we drove down to New Jersey, met my sister and three out of four members of her family for dinner, and then my sister and her 12-year-old daughter and Cute W, M, J, and I all went to see Taylor Swift in Newark. We had an excellent time, even though the only way … [Read more…]